Csv Client List not importing

I am using the web based version to import products and clients. Products went off without a hitch. I follow all the steps to map out the csv file and click import, get the notification email it’s done and nothing… I’ve logged out and back in, I’ve refreshed multiple times… Is there a size limit to csv files? I’m somwhere in the 44KB range. I’ve tried simple csv import, I’ve tried the format that IN uses when you export??? Any help would be appreciated. I have the enterprise level, if that matters



@david any ideas to debug this?

I should also add, I was able to import contacts yesterday, but they weren’t populating correctly, so I deleted them all and started over.

It’s possible the deleted records are interfering with the import, it may help to purge the company data on Settings > Account Management.

Well, that worked. Clients are there, but I need to tweak products again. I forgot what I did yesterday… lol

Thanks for the solution!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

actually, I lied… not getting emails saying the import(s) are done. it imported 1 client and 3 products…

Ok, let’s see what @david thinks…

patience apparently is a virtue. All seems to be good. populated fields are correct. Again, thank you!