Css malformed on client portal

The client portal in my self hosted instalation do not render correctly because it can not read the css file to format the page.

On a client portal invoice page (https://my-domain.com/client/invoices), the source page has the following stylesheet definition:

<link href="htps://domain.com/#//css/app.css?id=random-string" rel="stylesheet">

The problem is that after the base utl Invoice Ninja should not add the hash and extra slash. The link to the css should be https://domain.com/css/app.css?id=random-string" rel=“stylesheet”, the same url without the hash and extra slashes after the base url (domain.com/#///css/app…).

In fact If I correct the href definition, the page is rendered fine.

Any idea on where is problem. Could it be my env file or my nginx in-vhost.conf?

Thank you


I suggest checking the value for APP_URL in the .env file doesn’t have a slash at the end.

Unfortunatly it didn’t solve the problem, even after php artisan optimize.

I connect to invoice ninja proxied from an nginx server. Would you have a suggestion of changes on nginx that may solve this?

@david do you have any suggestions?

If you are behind a proxy, it sounds like something is transforming the URL and pushing in the /#/

we use the APP_URL when building the css link, so this sounds like something outside of the application.