i am looking around invoiceninja and am running it on my host server.
my host does not give me the option to set up a cronjob for a function as mentioned in the api documentation

is there a way to call these 2 functions from a url as this is the only option my host gives me

hope there is a option for this or a solution.


It isn’t currently supported but feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo

Depending on what you’re paying for hosting, it might make more sense to switch to a VPS. I know there are several that are right around $10/month for a single-core with 1gb of RAM, 20gb of storage, and 500gb of data transfer. A VPS would give you full control over the entire stack, just like if you had a dedicated box sitting in your office.

Invoice Ninja runs quite well on that. The test VM I have fits in less than 3gb of storage for the OS (Debian), web server (nginx), database (MySQL), plus Invoice Ninja with all the little things needed to make it work, and is using about 230mb of RAM total.

at this moment i pay 7 euro a month for a web/mail server for my website and work.
my own business site runs on this vm so i figured i could just as wel run invoice ninja on it.
i am a bit of a programmer myself so i have been looking at this. since hillel already made the commands you just need to call them from the route. still have to test it thoroughly tho.

otherwise i have a server in my office… can also just put it on that one but it isn’t as stable as i would like. will update if i find something usfull tho

thanks for the idea, maybe indeed just get a dedicated server where i can do what i want