CRON Job issues on shared host & COMMAND_SECRET

After installing, I just rewalized that though the CRON job was setup, it was erroring out on the shared host I’m with. After chatting with support, it appears they can call a file, but not the subsequent commands, so the cron job was failing.

In looking at the help documents I see the following…but Im not sure exactly to do with these instructions:

If you server doesn’t support crons commands can be run by setting a value for COMMAND_SECRET in the .env file and then loading /run_command?command=<command>&secret=<secret>. The following commands are supported: send-invoices, send-reminders and update-key.

I tried adding the COMMAND_SECRET to the envelope file, but im not sure ive formatted it correctly, snd see no documentation on how to set it up.

The format in the .env file would be: COMMAND_SECRET=your_password