Cron job for creating Expense out of Recurring Expense

Hi again, I did a bit of searching and it sounds like a Recurring Expense will automatically create a regular Expense? Which I can then invoice…

I read that this will require a cron job? Is it either of the two mentioned in the Docs, or is there another one besides ninja:send-invoices and ninja:send-reminders which does the conversion?

Those two crons handle everything

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Thanks, I don’t know if you’re still working on V4 but I ran into a limitation when I went to create an invoice out of the new expense:

  • The recurring expense is in $USD, but my main currency and my client’s currency is $CAD.
  • When a new expense is generated from the recurring expense, the Currency Conversion option does not work - it’s clickable but not editable (it remains in USD). I’d like to change it to $CAD with today’s conversion rate.
  • The invoice then lists the amount as $CAD by default but it actually tries to process it as $USD, so it fails to send because of a conflict with the client’s currency.

Long story short, currency conversion does not work on an expense created from a recurring expense.

Let me know if that’s something you’d fix or if it’s full steam ahead with V5. I could just approximate the original recurring expense in $CAD to begin with.

Sorry, most definitely full steam ahead with v5

We’re actually working on the expense functionality now, we’ll keep this use case in mind.

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