Credit Cards and Banks problem

Please help .When I click on Credit Cards & Banks I am being redirected to

/public/settings/bank_accounts and i get message

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Selfhost , v2.5.0.3 White labeled.


Can you please check storage/logs/laravel.log for details about the error

[2015-11-17 04:39:13] production.ERROR: exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘ninja’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)’ in /MY WEBSITE/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/Connector.php:47
Stack trace:
is this the problem ? everything else is working fine so invoice ninja has access to database.
I don’t see any other errors

I am guessing this function
public function createConnection($dsn, array $config, array $options)
$username = array_get($config, ‘username’);

	$password = array_get($config, 'password');

	return new PDO($dsn, $username, $password, $options);

should bring my database username and password from .env file ? not ‘ninja’@’localhost ?

I’m not sure how likely it is that this is the problem.

Try clicking the link again and then checking the last line of the log file.

[2016-03-09 08:39:36] production.ERROR: exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘databse.bank_accounts’ doesn’t exist’ in

so there is not table bank_accounts in my database and I don’t know why ?

Please run the SQL query select * from migrations to see which database migrations have run

and ? what am I looking for ?

You can compare it against the list of files in database/migrations to see if any migration haven’t been run.

If there are any missing you can run the migrations manually using the following command

php artisan migrate

This can also be done through the app by loading /update

please can you be more specific on the command . I would love to do it by loading /update but when i type I get 404

Is this the link for your dashboard page

I don’t know why I have public folder


You may be able to remove ‘public/’ by uncommenting a line in .htaccess. Note: you’ll also need to update the APP_URL in the .env file.

I was unable to use . I did go to and updated my install to but still Credit Cards & Banks gives me error

Had any migrations not been run?

I just went to and clicked update icon thats it .I don’t know whats been run whats not . I was unable to run /update . Now I see I have version not but problem is still there . Thats the only thing that is not working . everything else works fine .

If you run the SQL command listed above it will tell you which have been run

I do not see anything about credit cards or banking . The latest is 2016_01_04_175228_create_vendors_table

2013_11_05_180133_confide_setup_users_table 1
2013_11_28_195703_setup_countries_table 1
2014_02_13_151500_add_cascase_drops 1
2014_02_19_151817_add_support_for_invoice_designs 1
2014_03_03_155556_add_phone_to_account 1
2014_03_19_201454_add_language_support 1
2014_03_20_200300_create_payment_libraries 1
2014_03_23_051736_enable_forcing_jspdf 1
2014_03_25_102200_add_sort_and_recommended_to_gateways 1
2014_04_03_191105_add_pro_plan 1
2014_04_17_100523_add_remember_token 1
2014_04_17_145108_add_custom_fields 1
2014_04_23_170909_add_products_settings 1
2014_04_29_174315_add_advanced_settings 1
2014_05_17_175626_add_quotes 1
2014_06_17_131940_add_accepted_credit_cards_to_account_gateways 1
2014_07_13_142654_one_click_install 1
2014_07_17_205900_support_hiding_quantity 1
2014_07_24_171214_add_zapier_support 1
2014_10_01_141248_add_company_vat_number 1
2014_10_05_141856_track_last_seen_message 1
2014_10_06_103529_add_timesheets 1
2014_10_06_195330_add_invoice_design_table 1
2014_10_13_054100_add_invoice_number_settings 1
2014_10_14_225227_add_danish_translation 1
2014_10_22_174452_add_affiliate_price 1
2014_10_30_184126_add_company_id_number 1
2014_11_04_200406_allow_null_client_currency 1
2014_12_03_154119_add_discount_type 1
2015_02_12_102940_add_email_templates 1
2015_02_17_131714_support_token_billing 1
2015_02_27_081836_add_invoice_footer 1
2015_03_03_140259_add_tokens 1
2015_03_09_151011_add_ip_to_activity 1
2015_03_15_174122_add_pdf_email_attachment_option 1
2015_03_30_100000_create_password_resets_table 1
2015_04_12_093447_add_sv_language 1
2015_04_13_100333_add_notify_approved 1
2015_04_16_122647_add_partial_amount_to_invoices 1
2015_05_21_184104_add_font_size 1
2015_05_27_121828_add_tasks 1
2015_05_27_170808_add_custom_invoice_labels 1
2015_06_09_134208_add_has_tasks_to_invoices 1
2015_06_14_093410_enable_resuming_tasks 1
2015_06_14_173025_multi_company_support 1
2015_07_07_160257_support_locking_account 1
2015_07_08_114333_simplify_tasks 1
2015_07_19_081332_add_custom_design 1
2015_07_27_183830_add_pdfmake_support 1
2015_08_13_084041_add_formats_to_datetime_formats_table 1
2015_09_04_080604_add_swap_postal_code 1
2015_09_07_135935_add_account_domain 1
2015_09_10_185135_add_reminder_emails 1
2015_10_07_135651_add_social_login 1
2015_10_21_075058_add_default_tax_rates 1
2015_10_21_185724_add_invoice_number_pattern 1
2015_10_27_180214_add_is_system_to_activities 1
2015_10_29_133747_add_default_quote_terms 1
2015_11_01_080417_encrypt_tokens 1
2015_11_03_181318_improve_currency_localization 1
2015_11_30_133206_add_email_designs 2
2015_12_27_154513_add_reminder_settings 2
2015_12_30_042035_add_client_view_css 3
2016_01_04_175228_create_vendors_table 4