Creating Pre-Approval Accounts & Item Payment Invoicing

  1. I need to allow customers to accept a pre-approved payment from Stripe (i.e. $100) using a ninja form. Can
    I integration payment button in my website that redirects to a Ninja form that creates a NEW USER with email and requests a pre-approved payment for lets say $100.

  2. I then need to be able to view a report with customers(with their email?) with pre-approved payment and the amount pre-approved

  3. I then need to create invoice that allows me to generate a paid invoice reciept for a $25 for ticket purchase made on behalf of the customer and deduct the ticket cost from the $100. $100 - 25 = $75 remaining credit balance. Do you have a customer report with remaining balance?

  4. I then need to use your invoice form to either send a request for customer to Top-up their pre-approved account or to go to our website do step Step 1 above.

  1. Yes, this is supported. You’d want to create a product for $100 and then use it to create a “Buy now” button which you could wire up to a form on your site.

  2. The app supports payments reports

  3. Not sure about this, I’d suggest trying it in the app

  4. I believe this should be possible

At a high-level the app wasn’t designed for this sort of use use case however it’s flexible so you may be able to make it work.