Creating a new Design causes Serialization Error


whenever I try to edit/create a new template I get the following error:

Deserializing ‘[data, {id: JX7ax9byv4, name: Tools, is_custom: true, is_active: true, design…’ to ‘minified:vN’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘[id, JX7ax9byv4, name, Tools, is_custom, true, is_active, true, design, {head…’ to ‘minified:cJ’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘[header,

<meta name="…’ to ‘minified:H<String, String>’ failed due to: Invalid argument(s): null key

Looks like is has some troubles with the html in the form fields.

The only way to recover is deleting the entry in the designs table from the database, else I would also not be able to login again.

Is there any way to edit the template?


Are you using the latest v5 version, there was a bug in an earlier version which could cause this.

Ok, got me. Haven’t noticed to update in the last days. I will give feedback after the update.

Hi @hillel,

I updated to 5.0.22-20 now. I can save, but all my invoices are rendered with the loginscreen. I will check the configuration again, if there is some advice let me know, else I will create a new topic. Thanks.

You could try using PhantomJS Cloud

Ok, got it working, was using the phantomjs by default with the default key :frowning:
Createing a new template also worked.
But after playing around with the template I get these serialisation error again.

Which version of the app are you using?

It is the v5.0.22-20. And the only way to recover is to edit the entry in the database. seems like the header field got set to null instead of an empty string.

Ok, thanks. We’ll look into it…

Hello :wave:

I’m unable to replicate your issue, unfortunately. That said, it’d be awesome if you can help us with solving this!

It’d be extremely useful if you send me how you customize the design & what content you put in there.
You can also record a screencast if that’s easier for you.

Send that here (on the forum) in PM, contact me on Slack or send me an e-mail:


Thank you!

As requested:
The Database Entry resulting is:


Thanks for the video! I wouldn’t expect the PDF to be blank when it first loads, is it still blank if you select a design?

No, then it renders with a proper template.

Thanks! I’m able to replicate the problem, we’ll include a fix with the next release.