Create new user thanks to API

I’m from a software engineering company, and we’re currently using Invoice Ninja as an invoice manager for one of our projects.
For now, we’re self-hosting Invoice Ninja on a docker container. We’re using its API to communicate with it.
We’re already able to use it to generate invoices. But we need to be able to create new users on Invoice Ninja to link them to our own app’s user accounts.
When we call the route /users with a POST request, we get the following error message :
ReflectionException in compiled.php line 8649:
Class App\Http\Requests\CreateUserRequest does not exist
(followed by a stack trace)
We’ve checked on the github repository, and this class happens to be missing.
Is that made on purpose in order to prevent multi users registration on a same instance of Invoice Ninja ? Or did we miss something ?
Thank you very much

This isn’t supported, the self-host version of the app is intended for individual use.

There’s info about our reseller program here:

Oh, okai. Thank you !