Country not available on template and no translation either

Since the standard lay-out of the Account details on the invoice are not applicable to the local situation (also mentioned by another user on this forum) I want to add the address by placing separate fields on the template, i.e. Street, Postal Code, City and Country.
It seems however that Country is missing and only the country code is available. Which is, of course, of little use on an invoice. Is there any way to get the country name on the template?
Also I think country names are never translated. Also not on the several screens. Which makes sending invoices abroad difficult (or at least they will not be very nice).
It’s a pity since Invoice Ninja is for about 95% what I need. And I have been able to completely rebuild my existing template (a pdf document) in Invoice Ninja.

Also, as has been mentioned before, it would be nice (perhaps even required if you want to use Invoice Ninja in an international environment) to be able to generate the invoice in the Account’s (i.e. client) language.

Is there any way I can help with development?

Thanks! $ did the trick.

As for the translations, I don’t think that’s going to work. The countries are coming from the database as far as I can see. So I assume that the table needs to be extended. That’s gonna be a lot of work, since it contains so much more data than ‘just’ the country name. I do have an idea how it could/should work, since my fulltime job is in development of a multilingual CRM application. It’s definitely something that’s important though, since it looks kind of weird to have a Dutch address with the name of the country in English.

Other than that, I’m quite impressed by what Invoice Ninja has to offer. Great work.

The plans it to read the list from the database and then process it using the translated values. I just did a quick check though, it doesn’t appear to be implemented yet.