Counter Reset

Hello Hilel,

hope you had a good start in the New Year.

I just opened my self-hosted instance (4.0.1) for the first time this year and stumbled over a strange issue. Maybe I’m missing a point somewhere.

Under Invoice Settings > Generated Numbers > Options I set sometime last year the field reset counter on Annually and the Field next reset on January 1st, 2018.

Yet when I create a new invoice or quote it continues with the numbering of last year.
I use a pattern {$date:ym}.{$counter} preceeding the invoice number.

Of course no issue to reset the fields manually but was wondering what i might be missing for it to work automatically


Not sure… are the crons enabled?

Hey Hilel,
I’m having the same issue as mamu. I have the cronjobs enabled, and it correctly set my new reset date to January 1st 2019, but my invoice number keeps getting incremented from last “fiscal” year. Even setting the invoice number manually doesn’t seem to work, as it says “the invoice number is already in use”.
Any idea what might cause this?
Thank you for your time, have a great day.

What are you using for the invoice number pattern?

My guess is there are duplicate invoice numbers.

I see that now. I was just using “prefix” with a padding of 4. I now switched to the {$year}-{$counter} pattern and that did the trick. I’ve been using the default settings since this July so I guess this worked fine until now :slight_smile:
Thank you again for your time and amazing work, Hillel.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

I’d like my counter to reset Daily. I see the shortest frequency is Weekly. Is there a way to add Daily to the options? I am using not a self-hosted version.

My pattern is: {$date:ymd}{$counter} so the last invoice I processed on 03/16/2018 was 18031604. I would like today’s first invoice to be 18031901 but it is 18031905.

Thank you.

Sorry, it isn’t supported.