Counter reset granularity in V5

Hi Hillel, et al:

Congratulations on v5. Looks great so far from a bit of testing!

Is there a way to have counters reset in a more granular way?

From the looks of it, resetting on any schedule resets all the counters applied to each area (i.e. ALL invoice#s, client#s, etc.)

We like resetting invoice numbers monthly but client numbers only annually. We prepend each with YM and this makes it easy to keep values unique while still giving an exceptionally easy way to see how many invoices were issued in a month or how many new clients we have in a year…

If this is already possible, it would seem the reset functionality should be invoked on each relevant tab – otherwise it is not clear.

If this is not already possible, please consider it a feature request.

Thanks for your consideration and continued great work!


Thanks for the feedback!

@david, any thoughts on this?

@hillel certainly possible.

Do you want to create an issue on GitHub to track the request?