Converting quotes to recurring invoices

Seems like this feature is not implemented, so I’ll just let this suggestion here :smiley:

Sometimes I send out quotes for recurring services (eg. web development + hosting) or services that will be paid in installments. In order to create a recurring invoice from a quote I had to copy it to a new invoce, mark that one as recurring and then delete the previous one.

Or, maybe you could allow us to convert the draft invoice to a recurring one. Why the conversion to a recurring invoice is available only when copying an invoice?

This is by design.

Recurring invoices are templates for standard invoices. They can’t have payments applied against them, aren’t visible in the portal, etc. If we supported converting an invoice/quote to recurring it could cause problem if the invoice was already viewed/paid. Requiring the record is first cloned ensures it’s in a valid state.

Could we start with having it just being a quote for a recurring service/invoice?

I just had an issue where a client converted a quote that was only meant to give an idea of what the recurring invoice would be then paid the resulting invoice for the full term. That wasn’t a great refund situation.

Obviously this is the path we want them to take (approve quote, pay invoice). But now I don’t know how to quote for a recurring service without the above risk.

So could we have a quote that’ll convert instead into a recurring invoice? It would be immensely helpful.

You can prevent quotes from being automatically converted to invoices by changing the auto-convert setting on /settings/invoice_settings

You can convert a quote to a recurring invoice by cloning it and then enabling recurring.

Well yes I could. But the objective is to make it easier for clients to convert quotes into invoices and input payment. Disabling auto conversion increases the overall workflow for the few times a quote is needed for auto billing. Essentially I’m hearing there is no way to make a quote that converts into recurring invoice/billing.

Can I formally request this feature please I believe many users would benefit from it. For the time being I will disable auto converting quotes.

Sure, feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo