Converting from V4 to V5 timeout

I am trying to migrate a selfhost V4 installation to V5 and the migration starts successfully and processes most transactions up and until halfway through payments then I get an Error 503 Timeout on the v4 migration browser window. Only half the payments are migrated and the migration does not continue. I get no errors in the Laravel logs but only a listing of the entries converted but no confirmation that it finished

[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing account
[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing company
[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing users
[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing payment_terms
[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing tax_rates
[2022-10-29 04:30:15] production.INFO: Importing clients
[2022-10-29 04:30:45] production.INFO: Importing company_gateways
[2022-10-29 04:30:45] production.INFO: Importing client_gateway_tokens
[2022-10-29 04:30:45] production.INFO: Importing vendors
[2022-10-29 04:30:46] production.INFO: Importing projects
[2022-10-29 04:30:46] production.INFO: Importing products
[2022-10-29 04:30:46] production.INFO: Importing credits
[2022-10-29 04:30:53] production.INFO: Importing recurring_invoices
[2022-10-29 04:31:07] production.INFO: Importing invoices
[2022-10-29 04:33:12] production.INFO: Importing quotes
[2022-10-29 04:33:25] production.INFO: Importing payments

Can someone help me understand if there are a timeout setting I can set somewhere. I have already set the PHP timeout settings but it made no difference.


@david any thoughts?

The timeout on the v4 browser window can be normal, the main thing is that the migration starts on v5.

Are the logs above from storage/logs/laravel.log or storage/logs/invoiceninja.log?

If the app stops during the migration it may mean an it found an issue, however usually we see the exception dumped straight away in the logs.

Hi David and Hillel, Thank you for your prompt response.

The logs are from storage/logs/laravel.log. I also dont see any file called storage/logs/invoiceninja.log.

I dont see any errors in the log file, the above is everything from the log file.

Are there perhaps ways that one can run the migration via the CLI to perhaps pickup an issue?

I do want to mention its quite a large invoice ninja install with over 2000 invoices and 2000 payments.

Not sure if this helps. You help is very much appreciated

Are you running

QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync or database?

If you are on sync, you may be timing out.

Another thing to check is your PHP memory settings, sometimes if you run out of memory the system may exit quietly like this.

Tks David

Ive set QUEUE_CONNECTION=database and that did the trick! Thanks for your help!