Convert Expenses to an Invoice


This is a general question and I want an advice on how to best do this.

Lets say i have a client that is paying me for a job.

This job requires certain material that I will buy myself.

The cost of the material will be passed on to the client with 10% charge.

I dont want to create an invoice with the total amount because it will show as full income.

For example if the expense was 100 and i create an invoice of 110 to the client, the payment in InvoiceNinja will show as 110 income when in reality only 10 was the income/profit.

So I wanted to add the material as an expense in the expenses section and then bill it to the client.

What is the best way of doing this?

FYI, the material is not just one item, they are multiple items.

Thanks in advance.

One option may be to create an expense for each item and then invoice the expenses together into a single invoice. I suggest testing it to see if it fits your needs.

Thanks for the reply.

How do you think i should add the 10% charge? as a tax for example?

Which reminded me of another question, can the word “Tax” be changed to something else? Like “Charges” for example or something similar?

A tax may work or you could manually change the prices when invoicing the expenses.

You may be able to set a custom label on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Labels

If i set the Expense as billable and I bill the client, and then manually adjust the invoice, that would work?

It will show register the expense as 100 and it will show my profit as 10?

I believe that should work, I suggest testing it to confirm though