Contribution for React UI


I would like to contribute to the react ui. The repository is forked and up to date in my CodeSandbox. After running npm run dev I see the login page, but cannot login.

Could you give me little assist on how to setup the url to my instance or to a demo instance?

Thx, @checkitsedo


Thanks for the offer to help!

@ben @david can you please advise?

@david @ben

Your welcome! I cannot promise that I make goals… But I will try… So in the meantime I found the setting to connect from CodeSandbox to my own InvoiceNinja Instance… It works now…

I looked too far, while the solution was directly in front of my nose :see_no_evil: So no need to assist for the moment…

I simply put my InvoiceNinja-URL to the .env-File (VITE_API_URL).

Do you have a list of pending things to have a look if I can help?


It may help if you join us on slack for real time comm’s

jump on the develop channel :slight_smile:

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