Content of Custom Fields (Tasks) don't show off in Invoice Edit and PDF

Hello @ben, @david, @hillel,

recently I tested the custom fields and you were able to improve the implementation really fast and reliable. I see in the discourse that you all are really busy to help your customer and user-base to give them the best experience with invoice ninja. I thank you very much for this. I want to report/repost this small issue, which is not time critical and urgent but important to look into it.

Let’s reproduce it on the recent demo:

Add Custom Field i.e. like here:

Create a Task and set Custom Field:

In Invoice Design sort the Task Fields like here:

Create an invoice like here:

The Custom Field Column does show off correctly now, but the content is missing/empty:


Thanks for reporting this!

@ben any thoughts?

Hey there, thanks for such a nice report. I was able to replicate this. I will post any updates regarding this here :+1:

Hi @ben,
this issue seems to appear only on multi-line, single-line and drop-down lists. The other Custom-Types display well.

Displays as here:


also empty content in column.

Maybee that helps to check out all types together.

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Yes, this is very frustrating as it all worked fine until I updated the desktop app (Linux) to v5.4.8-L85. I can confirm the single line, multi-line and drop down options all fail to appear in the invoice. The workaround seems to be to add a character to the field in the invoice, then the custom field text appears - albeit with an annoying full stop or dash in the area. Matching the character’s colour to the background would sort out the appearance, but it’s not really a great option, especially when it used to work just fine.