Confusion About Client Portal Accounts

Hi there,

This question may have already been asked, but I was wondering how users on the client portal are created or accessed by a client in order to view their invoices and recurring payments.

From the admin panel, you can access these through a preview, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set up accounts for my clients to log in themselves. I’d preferably have it so they can’t sign up themselves, instead someone managing the admin panel does it while creating the client and their invoice(s). Does someone mind explaining how this works or how to create accounts?

Thank you!


You can enable/disable a password for the client portal on Settings > Client Portal

You can copy links to the client portal on the edit invoice page and on the second tabs of the client and invoice preview panels.

Thank you.

Are there any plans to bring a way to reset and change passwords from the admin panel?

It’s already supported, there is a password field by the contacts on the edit client screen.