Confused about what I'm allowed to do with Self Hosted & White Label License

Hi, I was planning on using Invoice Ninja for my small company’s invoicing needs. I plan to self host and buy a White Label license to remove the Invoice Ninja logo from the PDF invoices. Can I do this?

I’ve read the following:

    The Invoice Ninja platform may not be resold, integrated or bundled with third-party software and resold, white-labeled and resold, or marketing in any way without a reseller agreement with Invoice Ninja LLC. Please contact us for details:

Can I send my customers invoices and let them log into the Invoice Ninja customer portal? In my mind I am not reselling the Invoice Ninja service, simply using Invoice Ninja to do the company invoicing. Can I embed the Invoice Ninja customer portal in my own web site via an Iframe?



Yes and yes

Enjoy the software :slight_smile: