Confused about storage of certain items

Hi I am running self hosted 4.4.3 and I have a few questions about where some settings are saved:

  1. I have a custom invoice design that I am using, and it works, but I can’t see where it is stored. I looked in the db in the “invoice_designs” table, but custom 1 is blank there (while the default templates do have values). Is this stored in the filesystem somewhere and if so where?

  2. I would like to customize my payment email for each language. If I customize it in any way, it is always the English version that gets sent out. I thought I could find and add appropriate data in the texts.php file for each language, but I can’t seem to find this email there. And I can’t find it in the DB in any table either. Can you tell me where this might be stored?


I think I just found part 2…“payment_message” in texts.php

  1. Here’s a SQL to get the data: select custom_design1 from accounts;

Thanks that helped with the design. But one odd thing I notice in the texts.php file I wanted to verify with you:

It seems that the payment received email actually uses “payment_message_button” for its email body, NOT “payment_message”…which begs the question: What is the difference between these two, and where is “payment_message” used?

Thanks again!

And last but not least, not all variables seem to work in the texts.php file in all places. For example, if I use:

'payment_message_button' => 'Thank you for your payment of :amount on invoice :invoice, dated :date.',

The resulting email will correctly have the amount, but will NOT correctly determine the invoice nor invoice date. Is there something else I need to do here to get those variables to appear in the email? (I have also tried :number and :invoiceDate to no avail).

I’m not sure why there are two strings, it could just be a mistake.

You’ll need to use the $ format variables not :, you can add them in the text files or in the app.

That worked, thanks!!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!