Confirmation of order

is it possible to implant this feature in upcoming updates?
Thx and BR

I’m not sure I understand, can you please clarify.

Hello Coren,
I don’t send the offer via Invoice Ninja to my client but instead I download the PDF and attach it to a mail I send from a different Mail-App.
Of course I know that once the client click “offer accept” he will receive a confirmation.
But it would be great that there’s a way to send the confirmation of order manually.
Hope I was able to clarify.
Looking forward to your reply.

By “offer accept” do you mean “approve quote”?

We don’t currently send an email when a quote is approved.

Hello Coren,
sorry I thought that the client receives an email once he approves the quote online in his client view (sorry for the misspelling).
But this given it would be even more important that we have the option to send a confirmation of order to the client via Invoice Ninja once the client approves a quote.
We are doing events and sometimes we generate invoices not until the event is done. But before our clients wish to receive a confirmation. By now we have to do this via mail which is OK but it would be great to have at least the option to mark a quote in Invoice Ninja as “approved” if it is not possible to send a confirmation automatically.
You know what I mean?
I am of course not a specialist but when you have the option to mark a quote as “sent” it should not be so difficult to add the option to mark as “approved”. Like this we could have more control over our open quotes.
Thank you for your patience :wink:

One option may be to disable ‘Auto convert quote’ on /settings/invoice_settings and then approve the quote in the client portal by clicking ‘View as recipient’.

This would mark the quote as approved without creating the invoice, You can then create the invoice later by manually converting the quote.

You may be able to automate emailing your clients using Zapier.

Hope this helps…

I see…a bit of a work around but of course it should work.
Not a very statisfying option but what can you do :slight_smile:
Anyway, thank you very much for the hint and have a nice day!