Company logo not displayed in Dashboard and Invoice

i have installed the v5.1.53-C47 using CapRover One-Click Apps but after installation and configuration the company logo is not displayed in Dashboard and Invoice(PDF). I tried JPG/PNG and enabling default PhantomJS but got no difference.

Maybe someone can advise(Invoice Ninja/Nginx/MariaDB docker version tags) me how to setup/configure the InvoiceNinja One-Click App for newer/stable version or set up a InvoiceNinja with CapRover manually.


The latest version is 5.1.70, updating may help.

@ben any suggestions to debug this?

Thanks for reporting this.

The best would be to start by looking at the source of the design.

  1. In the .env file add LOG_PDF_HTML=true
  2. Run: php artisan optimize

Now regenerate your invoice and you should see HTML output in the storage/logs/laravel.log file.

If you don’t know how to navigate HTML, feel free to paste the markup here.

Thank you @hillel @ben for quick response.
I found the CapRover “captain-definition file” for InvoiceNinja v5.1.53 here one-click-apps/invoiceninja.yml at master · caprover/one-click-apps · GitHub .
So maybe we can just update the CapRover InvoiceNinja “captain-definition file” to v5.1.70. (also on Github)
I think this might be much easier than debugging the old version and will update/fix the app for all CapRover users.

This is the first I’ve heard of CapRover, I suggest reaching out to them directly to ask.