Company logo gone after udate 4.4.4 to 4.5.6

Two days ago I upgraded InvoiceNinja from 4.4.4 to 4.5.6 and noticed today that the company logo is not showing up anymore in the invoices.

The way I updated was the following:

  1. Rename current document root folder (basically backup)
  2. Download new version (using
  3. Copy .env file from backup to new root folder
  4. Visit invoiceninja in browser, it detected the new version and ran db udpate

Is the uploaded company logo stored as blob in the database or as a file within the document root?
If the latter, can you give me the path please as I will have to sync this path from the backup folder, too.


I’d suggest trying to upload it again on Settings > Company Details

Yeah I did that now, logo is back. But it would be good to know where the logo is stored anyway so I remember for the next update. If it’s in the database there’s not much I can do though.

The logo is in /public/logo however if you update by copying over the files it should remain during updates.