Company id '2' all is blank!

I just noticed that one of my companies is missing all data, but when I look at the database there is a company listed there. Clients are definitely showing a company ID ‘2’ in the db. NOTHING displays in Invoice Ninja for my second company id ‘2’. What can I do to get this working again!!! Huge problem billing is supposed to go out tomorrow! Company ‘1’ seems just fine and I did an upgrade from .30 to .34 a few days ago, and today is the first day I checked Company ‘2’. What can I do?

Ok so this was scary, but I did fix it! Goto Settings>Device Settings>Refresh Data.
Once I did that everything came back!

Just glad that is all it was.

Unfortunately there is a bug with this. Seems like everytime I login I have to refresh the data for the second company. The main company works fine everytime.

Any suggestions to fix this?


Which version of the app are you using: web or desktop?

It happens in both web and linux desktop

Thanks for the info, we’ll work to correct it.