Company field on invoices only (not quotes)


is there any way how to have the Company field written on the invoice only, please?

Its currently being written on quotes and I do not want that to happen, because this term is invoice related only.

I have not found any other option how to add another field without having to select it (from the select box) during the invoice creation than the Company field. Its working well on invoices (except absence of possibility to translate).

Thank you.

One option would be using a custom design which removes it.

I already use one of the custom designs and this company field is present there. If I remove it from the invoice design it will be removed from both custom deisgns because this change is general, right?

I should therefore click on modify the design and edit the code (1 of 3 custom designs available)?

If so then under what row I can make these changes, please? I was not able to find anything related to the company field. There are only variables present like e.g. $invoiceDetails.

That’s correct, in that case you’d want to create a new design.

For most of the designs you’d need to remove the $accountDetails variable.

Thanks for the answer.

It seems complicated, because if I remove $accountDetails I will need to find a way how to get all current entries separately with an exception of the company field and of course to format the “new” content.