Commenting in template design code?

I am finding it nearly impossible to design a custom template that matches an existing template that must be matched in order to use Invoice Ninja due to the seemingly lack of comment support in pdfmake that’s included.

I have to imagine that I’m missing something, but each attempt I’ve tried so far to add comments /* TOP ROW FOR EXAMPLE */ has been met with an error similar to this:

Uncaught Error: Parse error on line 32: ... ] }, { { "stack": "$a --------------------^ Expecting 'STRING', '}', got '{'

Can you please advise as to how to make comments in template design code or add this support? This is super critical to have if we are going to be able to (sanely) define custom templates…


As mentioned on Slack, this has been greatly improved in v5. The custom designs are now built using HTML/CSS.

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