Column issue error

Am following exactly the video to change column widths and when I paste in the widths exactly as shown in the video example, it adds a bunc of '/'s and throws the error in the screenshot on the self-hosted version, .14
Is there any way to get around this cause I am totally lost as to why it doesn’t work like in the video and no one else seems to have posted this error.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Image is here if it doesn’t load below:


I tested this in a hosted account and exact same issues/error.
Hmm what am I doing wrong :frowning:

Can anyone shed light on this please cause it is pretty frustrating - in both self-hosted and hosted it will not work.

I’m copying exactly what is on the youtube video: [“15%”,“25%”,“20%”,“20%”,“20%”]
And with or without a ‘,’ after it I get:
Uncaught Error: unsupported number: NaN

What do I need to do to get this to work??

You missed a step in the video, you need to change from ‘Form’ view to ‘Code’ view

Thanks Hillel, I finally figured that out this morning. Appreciate the reply!
Everything is running beautifully now… PDFMake more than a tad cumbersome but I get why you use it.