Collect Recurring Invoices

Hi there!

I am new to this Forum and i just installed InvoiceNinja. First of all i want to say what a great System this is. Big thanks to the Author for developing something this great and putting it out there …

I looked at several Invoicing-Systems and i decided on this one, not because it’s free but because it’s the most powerful.

My Actual Question

Assuming i have Clients that have many Recurring Invoices, let’s say 50 every month … Would it be possible somehow to collect all these Invoices in one big Invoice instead of sending out 50 PDF?

My customers prefer to get just one Bill with all the Products listed in a month and not 50 Bills with all the Products seperatly.



Thanks for your kind words!

I don’t believe this is supported, it isn’t a common request. Is there a reason the invoices can’t be combined into a single recurring invoice?

Hi hillel!

Of course, no problem :blush:

The only reason i would like to do it like that is managament. Here is a example:

Assuming i am a webhosting provider and i have a customer who buys and drops a lot of domain names. Every month the person buys 50 new .com Domains and drops therefore 20 .com domains.

If i have a new Recurring Payment for each Domain i can easily just delete and add new domains. Each Recurring payment is for one domain. But if i make one big invoice with all the domains i have to go into this invoice and edit it there which is not the most elegant way to manage it and i think pretty prone to making mistakes in the long run.

Do you understand what i mean? Maybe you know a better way to manage it? Do you habe any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks, understood.

Once option maybe to use the API to generate a statement for the client and send that by email?


Thank you for your quick response! Actually that would be an option. As soon as i have time on my hands i get into the Documentation and see what i can do :sunglasses:

Thank you for your help, very much appreciated! :blush: