Clients Missing in Users account

Hello, one of my users logged in today and noticed the client list did not show all clients like it used to. He’s only seeing 12 of the 51 Clients we have. If i change his drop down to show all 50, it still only shows that we have 12 clients. If i login under administrator i see all 51 clients. Nothing changed from yesterday to today. Any Ideas?


@david do you have any ideas to debug this?

@hillel If i go into a client and update it with something say in the notes box. The client will then show up in his client list.


it sounds like updating the timestamp is correcting the issue, could this be the AP?

If you click refresh data on Settings > Device Settings does all of the data appear?

I dont know what changed, but all clients are now listed under the users login now.

On the mobile app when the clients were not displaying, a refresh did not fix the issue.

This was on the Computer Website, not the mobile app FYI.

Are you saying after clicking refresh data on both platforms you’re seeing different data?

I’m not sure what would explain that.

Im saying, I just logged in to check and all clients are now listed again as they should be. Like i said i dont know what changed or updated but everything is back to normal now…

When i posted this issue, you click refresh data on either Mobile or Web and nothing changed. Only 9 out of 52 Clients displayed. If I used the ADMIN account and added a new client it would show no problem, but current clients would not show.

As of right now 1:16 AM March 23rd-2022 — All 52 clients are now showing?

Thanks for the update, please let us know if you see this issue again.

cc @david