Client with multiple Users and User reporting


Firstly, thanks for the great product!

My Wife and I run a small 4 person company, no 1 staff member is assigned to 1 customer.

Since upgrading to v5 from v4, Users(staff) are no longer automatically added(assigned) to the Quote/Invoice when creating them.

The only way I see to have the User automatically assigned to the Quote or Invoice is to set their name on the User field of the Client record. Is this really the only way? Limiting the Client to 1 staff member?

If it is, is there at least a way I can set the User field in the Quote/Invoice (which is hidden under settings sub tab) to be mandatory field to ensure my staff populate the field and select themselves.



In v4 there was a single user field but in v5 there are two user fields: created by and assigned to.

The created by field is automatically set to the person who created the record.


Thanks for the quick response,

In our case, the main reason for the user selection is for reporting,
How do I report on the invoices and filter by user?
The Report module has the “Created by” option in the “Columns” only for “Client”
I cannot see the same for Invoice.

Basically I need to pull reports on Invoice by user by month.

These fields aren’t currently available in the reports but will be added in the next release.

understood. thanks again for the assistance.