Client With Multiple Location.


I am new to Invoice Ninja and I was doing so googling but could not find what I am looking for or just things that are not in line with what I am wanting/trying to do. I would like a way or should I say, is there away to add/setup one client and then under that one client add multiple location (not using the contacts) to add in the locations.

Here is a scenario to help with what I am asking: There is a few of my Clients that own apartment complexes in multiple locations and when sending out the quotes or invoices I need to pick one of the locations (A or B / etc).

What would be the best way to go about this or has this been done and I just missed the post (link)?

Thanks you :slight_smile:

I think your best option would be to use a contact for each location, possibly adding custom fields.

The other option would be to create duplicate client records, one for each location.

Hi Hillel,

The issue with using the contact field is when gen/sending invoices or quotes there is only the email address that is pulled from that field. I would need a place to add the apartment complexes name.

Yes I could do that but with doing so I will be burning up db space in a table or however that is setup (I have not looked that deep into db yet)…

Any other suggestions?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can add a custom contact field called ‘Address’, we support entering multiple lines of text for the custom value. Just make sure the custom field is included on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields so it’s shown on the PDF.

The db space is there to be filled :slight_smile:

I will give that a go. Will report back.

Thanks you :slight_smile:


So I gave it a go but its not so much the address I need but to put in apartment complexes name and if I add a field there then I can do that for the other apartment complexes, don’t forget we are talking about 3 or more later on down the road.

Thanks you.

I’m not sure I understand, is that a question?