client with multiple branches.

I service bank equipment, when I run a call I invoice their billing department, but this bank has like 30 branches, is there a way where i can have one client with multiple sites. If i make a client for each site then the billing department would have 30 different client portals?

Couple ways that might work off the top of my head.

  1. Create multiple contacts for each location. As far as I know, invoices will get sent to whichever contact you check off when creating them.
  2. Create zero-cost items for each location, and put those first on the list when creating the invoice. Then if it's all going to a central location, it would be easy to tell at a glance what branch the work was for.

Other than that I’m not sure. Just throwing out a couple ideas.

number 2 i’ve thought of but not sure if i want to clutter up my parts list.

ive been playing around with tasks… so if i create the task for every job and put the address in the tasks, then the description of the problem. use the task to generate an invoice it shows the first line as address- problem- and labor charge, And tasks are searchable so if they ever want history of the location it would work. not sure if thats the best way or not.

number 1 has me interested, I dont normally need contacts for each separate branch. so if i list JANE DOE BILLING as each contact under her all her branches, then would that generate one client portal for JANE DOE BILLING or 30 different portals for her to interact with. i may play with this idea. Im assuming that it creates portal per client not per contact.

Haven’t played around with that aspect much, but you could even just put the first name as “Branch #<whatever>” and the last name as the street address.

In theory, it should all come back to one single portal, since there’s only one client, but @hillel would be able to say for sure. The only drawback I see is there’s no way to do reports on a per contact basis, so that might get a bit rough.

I’d suggest using approach 1 and adding a custom client field to store the address.