Client VAT number on invoices

Under certain circumstances (both, vendor and client are commercial entities with a VAT number residing in the EU, but in different countries) there is a need to put the client’s VAT number on an invoice (along with a VAT reverse charge notification).

The client VAT number is part of the client-details div stack, so I can enable showing the client’s VAT in Settings → Invoice Design → Client Details and it will appear directly under the clients address.

Given the widespread use of windowed envelopes this placement is inconvenient, as the VAT number would then be visible in the window. Therefore I have tried moving the client VAT number to the entity-details stack. In Settings → Invoice Design → Invoice Details the client’s VAT is not available, so I resorted to a custom design.

In Settings → Invoice Design → Customize & Preview → Edit → Body I changed

       <table id="entity-details" cellspacing="0"></table>


       <table id="entity-details" cellspacing="0">
               <th data-ref="entity_details-client.vat_number_label">Customer VAT ID</th>
               <th data-ref="entity_details-client.vat_number">$client.vat_number</th>

This gets me the clients VAT number as the first item in the invoice details.

Unfortunately, this of course always outputs the customer VAT ID label. I’d rather want to see this only if the client VAT number is populated. Then I could populate the clients VAT number only for those clients residing in the EU, but not in Germany (where I am).

Ideas how to improve?

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There isn’t support for conditional labels yet. This part of the application can be quite expensive in terms of calculations.

@ben can you think of a way to hide the labels if no value exists?


But this already works for the PO Number. The PO number and label are output if and only if the PO number is populated in the invoice.

If you go about implementing this, it would be good to apply the same logic to the client contact email.