Client Settings - Invoice Design

I’ve noticed that when I try to change “Client Settings” (When in the client mask → Settings) and try to change “Client Details” under “Invoice Design” any changes to the fields I make (e.g.deleting “Country”) do not stick.

  • You can check this in the web version (v5.4.12-C88) that when you make changes, the “Save” button does not become active as it does when you make changes in the “General Settings” tab of the “Client Settings/Invoice Design” form.

  • In the desktop app (v5.4.12-W97), the “Save” button is there and active, but when you hit save, the settings just revert to what you had before.

At the same time, since I use client settings, what I defined in the global settings (where changes are stored correctly) under “invoice design”, these settings do not apply for clients, who have separate settings.

Can others reproduce this? I’d think this is a bug.


Can you reproduce this problem in the demo?

It may help to update to the latest version of the app.

HI - thanks for the pointer - I’ve tried it in the demo and it has the same behavior:

  • Click on any company (e.g. “1111” when I was in there today)
  • In the company view click on “Settings”
  • Under settings click on “Invoice Design”
  • In the invoice design mask, click on the “Client Details” tab
  • In client details field list click on any X in front of any field (e.g. Country) to delete it
  • Hi “Save” in the upper right
    — boom, the filed you just removed is back again … nothing sticks!

My host didn’t have the gmp extension installed on PHP 8.1, which is why I still ran on 5.4.
Have meanwhile wrestled with them to open gmp also on PHP 8.1 and could update to v5.5.32-C98 through Softaculous - which runs without the json error that many describe when updating within the app.
But since the demo runs on v5.5.36-C99 and has the same issue, I think it’s not on my end.
Maybe the programming team can replicate and identify the issue at some point.


Thanks for reporting this!

Sorry, this isn’t supported. The bug here is that the settings are shown, we’ll make sure it’s corrected.