Client profil not updated

Hi all,

V5 SelfHosted.

I cant saved updated information in client profil in the client portal.

Any idea ?



Are you seeing any errors or does it just not save?

cc @ben

thanks for fast answer :slight_smile:

When I go to profil, no field have data. If I put some information and clic on Save. just not saved. all the field go back with nothing…

Hey there, can you replicate the issue on our demo site?

Its working on démo site. Il can see costumer information and save change.
I cant on my own site. I cant see any informations and update not working too …when i clic save botton all data disappears

In the database, all costumer ID is 1 (user_id) … and compagny id too… normal ?

This is what i see in client profile…

Any idea? Because i cant use that for my costumer :-/

I am really unsure what it could be wrong. Since it works on the demo app i’d assume this is problem somewhere else.

Can you please reach us on the Slack so we can have real-time chat and debug this?


Hi, sure,
On a subdomain is better but some fileds stay blank…

Now for me is 7am, I can here today at 1pm.


Please reach us at any time that works for you.