Client Portal - My Orders

One thing that might be quite nice to include is an option for clients to see “My Orders” or “Upcoming Orders” where they can view pending orders that will produce invoices and when the next invoice is due.

As an admin I can filter to a client in Recurring and see when the next due date is. It would be nice I think to allow clients to view this information in the client portal.

By the way, as a side issue…

I’ve been looking for and testing various platforms for weeks and settled for yours as a self hosted solution. Really like it and the mobile UI is neat too. Hope you don’t mind me making more suggestions as I get into the system more.

Thanks for the suggestion, we love feedback!

Under the following conditions the list of recurring invoices is shown in the client portal:

  • Token billing is enabled (w/WePay, Stripe or Braintree)
  • The recurring invoices ‘Auto Bill’ feature is set to Opt-in or Opt-out

I agree it’d be useful for the client to more easily see their upcoming invoices, this is something which could be improved within the app itself as well.

AHA. I always set the “Auto Bill” to “Always”. So I assume then this means they never see it…?

It’d be nice to have it available. The last thing I need is for clients to disable an auto bill and carry on receiving services :wink:


We’ll change the app to always show the option, if the client’s being auto-billed they should be able to see the recurring invoices.

I’d agree Hillel and thanks.

It gives the client much more visibility and ability to control cashflow.

For example, I have one new client who will not see that on the 1st May I am hitting them with a retainer fee. I’d like them to see this when they login and view invoices or recurring payments so then they can plan ahead.

If the system produces what they might perceive as an unexpected invoice I then have to write off that amount and that’s just a pain.