Client portal link in Self hosted invoiceninja in subfolder.

I have installed invoiceninja on my server in subfolder of my site.


Then what should be client portal link ? I tried all possibilities. I got error as something went wrong…Page Not Found when tried Invoice Link through email, View As Client and View Client Portal links…

Can I set my custom payment gateway link for Pay Now Button ?

Secondly, there is no index.php file in root folder of upload invoiceninja. I got login after adding public/ in url… is it ok ? is it right ?

You can set the APP_URL link in the .env file in the root folder of the project. You can view the client portal link by clicking ‘View as recipient’ on the edit invoice page.

To remove public/ from the URL map the webroot to the /public folder, alternatively you can uncomment RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L] in the .htaccess file.

ok. thank you…

if / is needed at end of app_url ?



is OK

Either should work.

I made changes as per suggestions…
Now when I tried Invoice View As Client, Getting error sorry, page you are trying not found

I’m not sure, if you want to email a sample invoice link to I can try to help debug the problem.


I am experiencing the same issue. CORS headers are failing to update to allow a reverse proxy and Base URL is showing as server’s hostname and not the external domain.

I have set the Trusted Proxies in the .env as well as tried the AppURL in the config/app.php