"Client Portal" link broken in some places

It appears that my invoice $view_button, the “Client Portal” link when accessed in the dot menu (preview), and “Client Portal” link when access from the “More” drop down menu when editing an invoice all lead to .com/client/client/invoice/****. When I edit a CLIENT, then click the “Client Portal” link (between View Statement and Settings) it loads their portal just fine .com/client/invoices.

I’m running 5.5.47, my .env lists the app url as APP_URL="https://bills.*****.com, my client portal’s domain URL is set to https://bills.*****.com, I’ve run .com/update?secret=*****, in the app I’ve gone into Health Check and cleared the cache there… I have no idea where this URL is being generated from or how to fix it.

Please help and thank you!


for your portal domain, do you have




The latter is the one you’ll want to make sure it is configured to.

@david New invoice links appear to be looking great. Aside from modifying the db directly, is there an easier way to regenerate invoice links all in one shot?

Hi There,

If you refresh the data in Settings > Device Settings > Refresh data. This should rebuild all of the client portal links.

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