Client portal customer info remains blank


this value = whatever is set for UPDATE_SECRET

the default value is… secret

well, my UPDATE secret key had a value, go figure. Anyhow, I put the ASSET_URL in the .env and updated with /update?secret=supersecret and it did nothing. I have now tried duplicating livewire directories to every sub-directory and also added the ASSET_URL and tried NINJA/PUBLIC, just /NINJA, and /VENDOR. Nothing worked.


I think i can see the issue here:

in config/livewire.php

find the line

'asset_url' => null,

and replace with

'asset_url' => env('ASSET_URL', null),

After that, run /update?secret=secret and then you should be good to go :slight_smile:

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Its not working but I think it is because ?secret=secretcode is not working.

So I m trying to do it witht he optimize command. I found how to get into my SSH terminal this is what I get:


If I just put: “php artisan optimize” after the # it says command php not found but could be installed. Can you help me with what the command should look like to work? Or is there another way, like a server restart?

You need to first change to the Invoice Ninja application directory and then run the command, it looks like you’re in your home folder.

So I can get into the directory but:

Should it be working?

It looks like PHP may not available from the command line, you may want to reach out to your webhost for advice.

I cant win. :frowning: Using Vultr servers with Pleask. Not sure how it would be blocked. Anyhow, I am at a loss. I will have to wait for Softaculous to repond

The more I look into this, I think plesk is blocking the cron from working too


delete the contents on bootstrap/cache/* this is equivalent to running the /update command

in regards to PHP, you just need to define the full path to the php binary, typically this is something like /usr/bin/php8.0 or similar, from the terminal you could try to run which php it may provide the path if it is defined.

So manually delete all files in the cache folder:

or open each file and delete the contents?

Delete all those files except the .gitignore


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So the client portal is now loading but when I inspect the page I am still getting warnings. Is this going to be causing me any issues:

   Livewire: Multiple root elements detected. This is not supported. See docs for more information


Are you running Cloudlfare in front of your webhost? I found this comment from the LiveWire forums

Yes, that was the fix. I can’t thank you enough!

I had this same issue. Not only did i set(more like add) the ASSET_URL in the .env file and edited the vendor/livewire/livewire/config/livewire.php url section, but I had to run php7.4 artisan livewire:publish to apply it the front end as php7.4 artisan optimize alone does not apply it 100%. Now the client portal is working as it should and I am able to updated my test account profile info and such with no more errors from inspection. This error resolves my 404 error as well when schedule:run ran base on cron schedule.

I’m hoping this fixes are being applied to future releases of v5 updates as from fresh install I should have had to do all this.


I’ll add the publish command to the github actions so that this shouldn’t be required in future.

Awesome David. Thanks.