Client portal cannot reset password


I was wondering if it was only me or its currently not possible to have a customer reset their password?

I am playing around this feature before actually sending tasks information via the customer portal. When trying to reset the password, i keep getting this:


I click again the link in the email and sometime its the token that is expired (red warning).
Tried with several browsers or privacy mode, etc…

Thank you



No its on your cloud. The customer portal link is:
No custom domain.

Should I PM you or contact support directly?

Make sure the ?account_key= parameter is included in your link, you can see the value on Settings > Client Portal

Alternatively, you can set a custom subdomain

Yes, I used that link in the admin portal. I just didn’t want to copy/paste it here.
Ill PM you a link to a screencapture so it will be easier to understand my issue. I dont want publicly share informations

Ok, please email