$client.phone not working?

I am new to invoice ninja and am designing an invoice for a friend who needs a very specific invoice layout. I am unable to put $client.phone into the invoice. It just shows up blank. No errors, as far as I can tell. I am able to use $account.phone and $contact.phone in that space and they show up. We only have one client entered in so I’m sure that I’m not using the wrong client or that I forgot to put in a phone number for the client. This isn’t self-hosted either.

So is $client.phone just not working? Or am I doing something wrong?

Try $client.workPhone

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Excellent; that worked! Thank you!

Is there a location of all these variables? I’ve been using the ones from the help pop-up at the bottom of the invoice design.

That’s the one, it looks like $client.phone is incorrectly listed there

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