Client number already set

Something seems to be off regarding the automatic number generation. It seems like deleted clients are not really deleted but in some kind of recycle bin. This is a fresh V5 installation with a csv import of 17 clients that were deleted afterwards.

I start with only one client. Client number 18.

Counter is set to 18, so the next client should be 19. This is what i get instead:

If it try to set test client from number 22 to 19, I get an error message, that this number is already taken:

Even after removing every client, going back to default settings by remove the “K” in front of the counter, the problem still persists. I cant generate a client with the numbers 1-17 and 19-21 for some reason.


If you purge the client rather than delete them you’ll be able to re-use the number.

Thank you for the answer.
I did not know where to find the deleted clients to pruge them, so I purged everything in the system settings and it worked.