Client names have an underline now since 5.3.84..why?

Just wondering why there is now an underline on the client name in 5.3.84?

Don’t personally like this and think it looks worse…is there a reason for it?


You can now click the client (or other related entities in the tables) to view it directly in the preview panel. If you long press the name it will take you to the edit record page.

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We can look into only showing the underline when the name is hovered, that would provide the benefits without the visual distraction.

Oh nice, I really like that functionality actually. Just not sure why the underline has to exist though personally. Wouldn’t this functionality work just the same without the underline?

It would work but the underline is meant to be an affordance to indicate that it can be clicked, only showing it when hovered I think would improve it.


I agree that would be a good compromise

Other column items can be clicked for more information without the need for underlining.

Have to agree, this makes the display less clean and harder to read.

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Thanks for the feedback, this will be adjusted in the next release.

Note: when you click on the other columns you’ll see the preview for the row, clicking on the client name now shows the preview for the client.

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Great! Yes I’m noticing this underlining is very distracting so I’m eagerly awaiting the next build!