Client Name Change

Is there any way to prevent the client’s name from changing on an old / paid PDF invoice when updating their name?

I have a client with several invoices under his name alone. Now that he’s married, I’ve updated his client name to “Client & Spouse [Last Name]”, and future invoices have both his and his wife’s name listed. Unfortunately this also changes the client name on the old invoices, which is confusing to the client since they were billed to him directly.

I’m just taking a stab in the dark here, but adding LOCK_SENT_INVOICES=true to your .env file might do what you’re looking for. I’m not 100% sure though. It could just be to keep line-items and such from being changed once an invoice is sent.

Thanks. I’m using so not sure I’m able to try this fix unfortunately.

Any other thoughts on this? Would it be possible to re-create historical invoices using just the client’s name (without his spouse)?

That I’m not sure of. All of my (meager) knowledge is from experience with the self-hosted version. Answers regarding the hosted version on would have to come from someone on the development team. Might be worthwhile to submit an issue on their github page: