Client Management: Resetting Passwords Self hosted 4.5.14

Hi folks,

Trying to reset a client’s password and done the following steps:

Manually sent a reset link to email address via filling out the forgot password form (Failed token invalid or session expired messages)
Tried to edit client via management interface… failed… no field visible to reset users password manually in the “edit client” page.

Any hint’s because i’m now at a loss at what should be a basic task.



You can manually set a new password by editing the client.

If you use the link in the email make sure to use incognito mode or a different browser.

Hi Hillel

As stated above the following:

Editing the client shows no field to edit password

Resetting client password resulted in token errors and session errors (this was done in a icog session to avoid clash’s with cookies/sessions) for a overview of what i can see


Can you post a screenshot of the password settings on Settings > Client Portal.



Thanks, I’m confused… the client portal password feature isn’t enabled?

Im also confused,

Are you saying there is an option i have overlooked that needs enabling for me to manually set a customers password?

The option both enables the feature and adds a password field to the user interface.

If the option is disabled your clients shouldn’t be asked for a password when viewing their invoice.

Ok i follow that,

How do they view there account within the portal then without a password?

Thanks for the prompt replies btw


I’m not sure I understand your question, the email sent to your client will include a link to the invoice/client portal.

Hmm ok guess i need to do a bit or client side testing to understand.

So my question is as follows:

Joe Blogs decides to check on his payment history, he goes to my portal that asks for a email address and password… but he dosnt have a password for his account and resetting it dosnt work…

how does he login to view his invoice history?

Hope that is specific/clear


The user/pass you’re seeing is for admins, not clients.

With your current settings your client would need an invoice link to view his client portal.

I am having this same issue as described Here.
I am currently on the new 4.5.17 White Labeled :slight_smile:

1st there is no option in my admin panel to add a client password or change the client password.
So the method to let the client login is to send them the first invoice.
There is a link in the invoice email they get.
The client clicks the link to the invoice.
This opens the clients web browser to our client portal.
It wants there username and password.
New clients I just tell them to click forgot password, then they can enter there email address to reset there account.
They click on forgot password enter in there email address and they click reset password.
This gives the client an email for password reset.
The client then clicks the link.
The system opens a new web page asking for an email address and a new password and to confirm the new password.
They click submit and the system instantly displays an error:
The security token has expired please login again.
it does not take them to the dashboard or tell them the password has been reset just an error.
However it does process the password change and they can login with the password just not very user friendly.
I have searched the forms and there is another mention of this however it is not fixed in my current version.
Thanks again

You can set the password by editing the client, the field is near the contact details.

We hope to have a fix for the session expired error in the next release.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
I have looked everywhere for this and have not found it.
I have attached my back-end images
Am I in the wrong area?
Thanks again

Capture 1
Capture 2

Is the password feature enabled on Settings > Client Portal?

In Client portal Settings
I have the following:

Password Protect Invoices (Assumed this was so that each invoice is password protected.)

Allows you to set a password for each contact. If a password is set, the contact will be required to enter a password before viewing invoices.
Generate Automatically

If the password feature ins’t enabled you won’t see the password field.

Ok just to make sure which one of those would I enable and will this require each invoice the customer views to require a password or will it just make it so that the client requires a password to login to the customer portal?
Like it currently does?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you want to require a password for the portal you’ll most likely want to enable both.

This will only affect future invoices, you can manually set a password to enable it for past invoices.