Client Login


Is it possible to have a client login using a username that is not his email address?

If so, how would we set his username?



Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Thanks for the reply - have a couple related questions …

  1. Since the username is an email address, and we have a separate registration field which contains an email address, can they be different?

  2. Is validation used on the username to make sure its format is a valid email format - i.e. xxxx@yyyy.zzz ?

Love the program!


  1. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘registration field’, is it a custom field?

  2. We check that emails are valid email addresses.

Hi, sorry I’m not clear.
Ninja is one of 7 modules we have on our site. The client logins for the other 6 all don’t require the email address as a login. Therefore, it’s easy to have a single sign-on for our members. We assign the same 6-character username manually to the user for all the modules. However, Ninja requires an email address which makes a different username for the member than his other 6.
My question was regarding the username and the email address field in the user’s profile. If they change their email address does the new email address become their new username?
The question regarding validation had to do with whether the program checks the format of the email address used to login - not whether it is a valid email address and able to receive emails. The reason I asked is that I was trying to find a workaround that would help have Ninja be closer to what they’re already using on the other 6-modules. For instance, if the user’s email was we could just use user365 for all the other modules and maybe user365@ for Ninja.
Here’s a typical complaint from members: “Why do we have to have a different username just to access Ninja? Can’t it be the same as the others??”
I want to reiterate, after looking at many programs to do our membership billing, Invoice Ninja is the perfect program for us. It’s light weight and easy to use and fits our non-profit budget perfectly. So I’m anxious to see if we can come up with an acceptable solution to the above. Hope this makes it clearer!

If the email is changed on Settings > User Details the new value is used on the login page.

OK, then I guess we’re out of luck. For future development would be great to have separate username and email variables/fields.

Thanks so much for your prompt replies and support - much appreciated!