Client Login URL

Hi guys
Just updated to 4.0.1 (self hosted) and looking for the client login URL.

It can be seen on Settings > Client Portal


I thought there might be a generic URL that any client could login to such as …/clients/…

There is now, it’s client/login

Yes, I tried that but just get a session expired notice and a request to use the mail link.

I was looking for a URL I could give out to clients if it’s possible…?

Can you email us a screenshot of the Settings > Client Portal page, there should be a link on the page you can share with your clients so they can login.

Thanks for your speedy response Hillel.

When I log in to Settings / Client Portal I see the following:
Client Portal 01

And then further down…
Client Portal 02
(I’ve obscured the sub domain and key for obvious reasons).

Is there something I am missing…?

I used the link as a regular user and even used the password reset which worked well and then got the following screen when I tried to login:
Login Errror

The login is for clients, not users.

Yes, that’s what I need. A login for our clients.

Is the sales@ email a test client?

In your comment you wrote ‘I used the link as a regular user’

Yew, it’s a test client I setup. Happy to setup another if needed…

It looks like your link has two slashes where the should be one, can you check the value for APP_URL in the .env file doesn’t end with a slash.

Thanks Hillel

I removed the trailing slash at the end and went to this URL:

But still get the error:
“These credentials do not match our records”

The ?account_key=… part is added at the end or the URL because your have more than one company in your account. Can you check if the feature works for the other company.


Appears to be working now.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!