Client document upload not working


I tried to upload a pdf to a client. This seems to work but I can´t show it:

Also if I download it is 0byte:
Screenshot 2_3
but the upload shows 783kB in the picture above

This is what my .env look like:
Screenshot 3_3

This is my installation:
Screenshot 4_3

Could the error happen because of Invalid File Permissions? I have installed on Proxmox - LXC
I installed like in this youtube:
Install InvoiceNinja on Proxmox


Can you try changing to the React web app to see if it works there?

You are right. In React Web app it works…

Thanks, that’s helpful to know.

Are there any errors in storage/logs when the download fails in the Flutter app?

Thanks! I think I see the issue, we’ll work to correct it.

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