Client Dashboard Permalink


I’m running a white labelled self hosted system and would like to know if it’s possible to have a permalink to the client dashboard, for example…

So users can login anytime they like to view their invoices etc.

Right now they just get “Session Expired” and they don’t always have access to the e-mail I sent them.

On the client overview page there’s a ‘View client portal’ link.

If you don’t have too many clients you may be able to setup redirects.

Do you require your clients to enter a password?

What I am looking for is a permalink that clients can simply go to, anytime, and view their invoices etc. with a login.

All clients absolutely have to have a password yes. When I visit the current link in a tor browser I get “Session Expired”. What I’d ideally like is a simple login page with mail and password required.

Possible do you think…?

Thanks, understood.

I’ve added it to our Trello board, we’ll look into it for a future release.

You’re an absolute star !

I’m only new to Ninja but already liking it.

Reselling will definately be on the list as clients are already using it and like it for themselves.

Great to hear, please keep providing feedback.

The app is very much a work in progress…

Great to see that I’m not the only one who needs a login link for my customers.
I hope this will be intergrated soon.

It will be great if you guys can use /login as login for admins and clients.
I used FusionInvoice before and they have that, but the logic in there product is hard to find.

Until this is developed. Here is my solution.

Thanks for sharing your solution!

FYI… you should be able to accomplish something similar using an API subscription.