Client Contact Appears as gray box

Not sure how this happened, i was working on Zapier integration, not sure if that caused it. I have two clients, where the contacts (when i go to edit) appear as just a blank gray box as shown below.

I have data attached to this client now and would prefer to keep it. But if i have to recreate the client i could.

Any suggestions on how i could get the fields to appear again?

Thanks for the help!


Please add ?build=profile to the URL, reload the page and then check for any errors in the browser console?

Note: I think the problem may be from having a client without any contacts.

Hey @hillel

I added ?build=profile to the URL on the edit screen for that client. Reloaded. It takes me back to the client overview page, i click edit again, still have the gray box. Chrome is not showing any errors in the console.

If i try to hit save on the edit page with that gray box, i do get “Please enter a contact or Client Name” so i think you are correct on it missing the contact… Contacts seem to be hating me! lol

Thank you for the help!

@david any thoughts, can check data fix this?

found the laravel log is full of errors. Dont know if it helps…

Im noticing my webhooks are not firing as well. Dn if that has anything to do with it.
Edit - Webhooks seem to be firing, just very delayed

php artisan ninja:check-data --fix=true

Will fix any clients without a valid contact.

Worked perfectly, thank you for the help!